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The Team

Who We Are

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Michelle Mardenborough

Founder & Executive Director

We Must Eradicate Self Suppression & Silence 

Through The Vote~Your Vote Is Your Voice! 


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Veronica Belcher

Field Director

“My objective is to ….Engage, Register, Empower and Educate on the power of our voice and our vote.”

(717) 579-7062 

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Richard Brown

Field Manager

"I am committed to setting a positive example and paving the way for our youth"

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Roslyn Copeland

"I'm committed to advocating in using my voice in my community with the love of God to breaking barriers for generation to generation."

Quality Control Coordinator

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Vivian Browne

Administrative Coordinator 

"My goal is to ensure every generation knows their vote is their voice, and every vote counts."

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Elaine Francis

"Voting is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy, enabling citizens to collectively determine their leaders."

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Sanaai Henry

"I am committed to register, educate and empower women of all ethnicities, and backgrounds!"

Register Her Fellow


1 Vote Counts Team

P-FunK Crew

We Are Committed To Register, Educate, And Empower Our Most Vulnerable Communities


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